History of Iran Tourism Development Company

As publicly issued in the Official Gazette number 6783 published on October 6, 1968, the Iranian Inns Development Corporation was established in 1968 and its initial shareholders consisted of Tourism Facilities Joint Stock Company, Intercontinental Joint Stock and the Swiss EWI Company.

After the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the American company’s shares were transferred to the Iranian shareholders. The Corporation adopted some changes in its article of incorporation (purpose of company) in 2004; whereas, the name of the Company was changed to Iran Tourism Development Company as well.

Currently, 73 percent of the Company’s share belong to the government and 27 percent belong to the private sector. The present members of the board of directors consists of the Minister of Economy and Finance, Vice President and President of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization, Minister of Justice; and a representative from the private sector.

The field of activities of this Corporation, in addition to utilizing a number of hotels and hostels, consists of developing tourism infrastructure in the country.


  • To become the pioneer company in utilizing accommodation, recreation and tourism hotels and hostels
  • To serve as a superior company in developing infrastructures of tourism industry
  • To be a model company in realizing the goal of absorbing 20 million tourists in country’s perspective


  • Access to sustainable development and value creation in tourism with emphasis on the principles of economic endogenous and outlook approach
  • Design, consultation, development and promotion of tourism, recreation and accommodation spots and hostels across the country based on modern standards and technologies and through adopting the view on improving the quality and achieving the profitability growth
  • Introducing the capacities, promoting and directing investments and improving the capabilities of tourism activists by benefitting from the advantages, resources and rich experiences of Iran Tourism Development Corporation.

Macro goals

  • Creating value added and high profitability
  • Finding suitable share in the national and international tourism market, increasing the income by following the goal of meeting investors’ anticipations and securing company’s future
  • Quality and quantity development of Laleh International Hotel:
  • Constant development and improvement in the quality of hoteling and associated services
  • Development of tourism infrastructures:
  • Identifying the capabilities and using national and international investment capacities by aiming at building suitable grounds for achieving maximum development in the infrastructures as well as in tourism and recreation places in the country
  • Promoting trips and partnership in the growth of tourism industry:
  • Smart and effective introduction to the tourism attractions in Iran by aiming at improving tourism based on the cultural, historical and climate conditions, empowering and creating synergy among tourism industry activists
  • Attention to human resources, efficient management and organizational changes in tourism industry:
  • Teaching and training skilled human forces and effective managers in utilizing tourism spots